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Belgian flag face paint - Easy to use

With just a single stroke this pen can paint the Belgian flag on your face or body.

The multi colored paint pen makes it easy and fun to support your country during sports events, national celebrations and much more. 

The paint is hypoallergenic and free from perfume and parabens. Comes off easily after use.

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Belgian flag face paint - Easy to use

This multi colored paint pen let’s you show your support for Belgium with just a single stroke!

Paint the Belgian flag on your face or body in just a matter of seconds with the quick, fun and safe pen in the characteristic black, red and yellow colors. Only 6cm in size, fits in your pocket or purse.

After use you can wash it of easily with soapy water or makeup remover.

The pen is produced from recycled materials, and the paint itself is made from mostly natural and fat-soluble ingredients and produced without perfume and parabens.

After opening the product must be used within 24 months.

Complies with all European and US regulations.

Produkt info

  • Paint entire flag with one stroke
  • Safe use on all skin
  • No parabens or perfume
  • Fits in your pocket

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